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monkhaus curates sentient objects that elevate the energy of space.

We offer guidance around activating the objects with intention, making them part of daily awareness practice.

every detail of a space offers a universe of infinite potential.

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Kathleen Stenson creates environments that support feeling of refuge, ease and well being. She brings her 20 years yoga study, practice, and teaching to her line of home accessories and offers a curated selection of spiritual art and eclectic objects that support a mindful lifestyle.

“I started designing spaces that supported what I did in life, which was basically, a lot of yoga and meditation.  Having my yoga stuff everywhere in my home changed the way I behaved in my space, the way I sat on my sofa, laid on my floor, stood in my kitchen, looked at my art. I began to use bolsters instead of decorative pillows, on beds, sofas and floors, and I realized that I can actually read in bed and heal my neck at the same time. This is how the Monkhaus style evolved.”